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The island of Java and Bali have a long story of skin and body care rituals. Rice is the primary beauty ingredients mixed various other spices.

A regal preparation from the palace of Yogyakarta, this treatment has been used by female members of the Royal family for many generations.


Turmeric is a key ingredient in this Javanese recipe. Lulur is Javanese for “coating the skin.” It is a beauty ritual that leaves the body and mind relaxed and the skin soft and supple. This total beauty treatment involves a light massage, body mask and fragrant floral bath. 


Enjoy our relaxing Traditional Javanese Full Body Massage using JOI Pure Aromatherapy Oil followed by body exfoliation using a traditional home made Javanese Beauty's Scrub to maintained your skin needs, and finish with hot drink home-made "Wedang Jahe" (ginger drink).


Time ........................... 60 minutes

Price ........................... $75


Ratus - The secret of Java Princess 


V-Spa is a form of treatment using dried herbs from Indonesia called Ratus. It is a Javanese tradition that has been carried out from generation to generation since Majapahit exclusively made for the Royal Queens and Princesses of Kraton (Kingdom) in Java.


Ratus is a unique treatment and the secret beauty of Java princess care priority just for woman especially for honeymooners, to clean the vaginal area after giving birth, or after menstruation period, and it is also a treatment for pre-wedding body care using traditional product by releasing vapour from a steamer to make you feel comfortable and fresh. Special body smoke reputed to cleanse the female genitalia, remove unpleasant odors and reduce vagina discharge. This is to treat your vagina area to improve blood circulation, relaxes the pelvic floor muscles so that the vaginal area becomes more tight and clean.


This is a series of holistic treatment to restore a balanced mind, body and soul. It is absolutely natural and original. NO CHEMICALS , NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS , NO PRESERVATIVES.

After this treatment done, you will guaranteed to feel relief down under.

Benefits of Ratus :


  • Prevent and reduce white discharge;

  • Eliminate excessive vaginal discharge & unpleasant smell;

  • Prevent vaginal infection & uterus mouth cancer;

  • Rejuvenate the vagina and help tighten it (good for married women);

  • Improve marital relationship;

  • Minimize the use of panty-liners;

  • Leave your intimate area fresh and fragrant all day and all night long.

Treatment includes Head, Neck and Back massage while you are having Ratus or V-Spa

Time ........................... 30 minutes

Price ........................... $40

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