Mini Revival Facial   

~ 30 min $40 ~


The Mini Revival Facial has been created for those clients wishing to have a deep cleansing treatment as a quick "pick me up" for their skin. Treatment includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation with a Refining Micro-Exfoliant, Clarifying Vitamin Treatment Oil, Green Clay Mask and Hydrating Moisturiser. Acupressure is used to conclude this facial to assist in the removal of toxins.

De - Stress Facial  

~ 30 min $40 ~


The De-Stress Facial has been specifically designed for extremely sensitive, fragile, or environmentally damaged skin. These skin types are generally highly reactive, and often present with inflammation, allergies, rashes, eczema or dermatitis. They also commonly react to external stimuli such as skin preparation, make-up, sunscreens and heat. The De-Stress Facial utilises the powerful anti-inflammatory, regenerative, rejuvenating and antioxidant properties of the Intensive Hydration Nutritive Mask and Rejuvenating Facial Cream to assist in the calming, hydrating, replenishing and healing of these highly sensitive skin types. This treatment does not include a massage component in order to avoid over-stimulation of the skin. 

Regenerative Vitamin Infusion 

~ 30 min $50 ~


This intensive treatment works on the principle of reverse osmosis to ensure the deep penetration of cytophylactic essential oils. The occlusion process forms a vacuum that encourages the skin to perspire. The perspiration cannot escape and is forced into the stratum corneum, allowing for deeper penetration of the Regenerative Vitamin Serum. The Regenerative Vitamin Infusion treatment is highly beneficial for dry, dehydrated, mature or enviromentally damaged skin. This Vitamin Infusion is best used as part of a specialised treatment program for skin requiring intense hydration, nutrition and regeneration.

Clarifying Vitamin Infusion  

~ 30 min $50 ~


(6 Weeks Course 1 per week Pay 5 get 6th free)


The purpose of the Clarifying Infusion is to ensure deep penetration of antibacterial and sebum balancing essential oils that work specifically to help reduce over activity of the sebaceous glands and reduce inflammation and breaksouts. This intensive treatment works on the principles of reverse osmosis. The occlusion process forms a vacuum that encourages the skin to perspire. The perspiration cannot escape and is forced into the stratum corneum, allowing for deeper penetration of these valuabletreatment oils. This treatment is highly benefial for oily, congested, uneven or coarse-textured skin where oil output is excessive and the moisture level is low. Clarifying Vitamin Infusions are best used as part of specialised treatment program for skin requiring clarifying, refining, revitalising, balancing and anti-inflammatory nutrients to improve skin condition and correct pH balance.

Hydro-Balance Facial 

~ 60 min $60 ~


Dehydrated and de-lipidised skin require active, vital nutrients in order to be restored, strengthened and rejuvenated. The Hydro-Balance Facial utilises a highly nourishing vitamin serum and Intensive Hydration Nutritive Mask to deliver an enriching treatment designed to assist in restoring the skins natural hydro-lipid balance. This facial will leave the skin glowing with hydration.

Pure Aromatherapy Facial 

~ 60 min $60 ~


The JOI Pure Aromatherapy Facial takes the senses on an aromatic journey using nature's most exquisite pure essential oils. Hot towels infused with aromatic oils, an intensive vitamin serum rich in essential fatty acids and soft pink facial clay combine to create this highly beneficial treatment for mature, dry, sun damaged skins. A deeply relaxing aromatherapy massage of the face, neck, shoulders, decolletage and head, plus the manipulation of specialised aromatherapy or acupressure points, complete this outstanding facial. 

Aroma - Therapy Facial 

~ 60 min $60 ~


One of the key components in this therapeutic facial for oily, congested and blemished skin is the Clarifying Vitamin Treatment Serum; a blend of antibacterial and antiseptic oils that help to reduce inflammation and over-activity in the sebaceous glands. An active green facial clay with natural antiseptic and toxin-drawing properties, augments the vitamin serum, allowing it to penetrate deeper into the skin. This deeply cleansing treatment is completed with and acupressure massage to assist lymphatic drainage. 

Serenity Back-to-Front  

~ 70 min $70 ~


The Back-to-Front "Relaxing/Nurturing" treatment utilises the Serenity Synergy, a sensual and exotic blend of essences from beautiful fragrant flowers and delicate sweet fruits which combine to create a heady, floral aroma that is deeply relaxing, calming and nurturing. Hot aromatic towels, nourishing body oils and the softening, toning pink facial clay combine with this exquisite blend to create a softening, nourishing treatment for the skin and a relaxing, nurturing journey for the senses. 

Vitality Back-to-Front  

~ 70 min $70 ~


The Back-to-Front "Energising/Revitalising" treatment is an uplifting, revitilising facial combined with a relaxing back massage. This form of facial treatment is particularly appealing to male clientele. The deep moisturising properties and crisp citrus aroma of the Vitality Massage Oil complement the purifying, clarifying aromatic essences of the green facial clay. Together, these products create a deep-cleansing, detoxifying, revitalising treatment for the skin and an uplifting, energising journey for the senses. 

~ Home Care Advice ~

  • Clean your face everyday morning and night using the right cleanser for your skin type.

  • Put moisturiser everyday after the face being cleanse, morning and night.

  • Put eye cream on everyday morning and night.

  • Have a Facial minimum once a month to rejuvenate the skin.

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