It is important to have a trial before your big day. A trial may cost as much as an actual wedding day. Though it seems unfair to pay for a 'do that won't  get seen much (though I highly recommend going out to a fancy dinner on trial day to make it a little worth it), a "trial" is as much work for a Makeup Artist as your wedding day makeup. So many Makeup Artist will charge the same (pricey) fee for trials.




  • Please arrive with your face washed and moisturised so I have a nice clean canvas to work with.

  • Don't be shy about voicing what you want. I'm here to create the look you want, not a look that I want. Bring picture of a look that you are interested in trying out so that I have a visual of what you like. 

  • Be honest. I want you to be completely happy with the look I create. So please do feel free to let me know if there are any changes you would like.

  • It's not essential but it does help if you have your hair trial on the same day so then you can really visualise how you will look on the wedding day.




Trial one look ~ $75 ~

(at Makeup Artist address)

Trial with two look ~ Extra $55 ~

(at Makeup Artist address)


Mobile Trial ~ $90 ~

PLUS TRAVEL AND PARKING FEE, depending on location


Bride ~ $100 ~

Brides Maid (1 person only) ~ $90 ~

2 Person ~ $85/pp ~

3 Person or More ~ $80/pp ~

Mother of the Bride / Groom ~ $80 ~

Flower Girls under 12 years FREE (unless full makeup), only includes lipgloss / lipstick, blush and mascara.

Family / Friends (not in a Bridal Party) ~ $80 ~





Perth CBD FREE unless for Parking Fee

0 - 5 km ~ $FREE ~

Over 5 km ~ $POA ~

Please read the Terms & Conditions