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Our COVIDSafe Plan & Policies

Source: WA Government & Prime Minister of Australia.

Updated: 25th May 2020


Please note - Our Beauty Salon remains closed until the 9th of June 2020.

During these uncertain times with COVID-19 pandemic, we have been following the situation closely and are keeping abreast of government guidelines.


  • Contact: Keeping human-to-human contact to a minimum we won't be shaking hands or making any other physical contact.

  • No guests may accompany you to your appointment (unless a parent or a guardian. For this matter please ask your Beauty Therapist to organise it with you).

  • A sign highlighting social distancing requirements.

  • Provide social distancing markers on floor in areas where people line up or waiting, if required.

  • Encourage bookings to be online or via text messages.

  • Request contactless deliveries.


  • Have hand sanitiser available at the entree of the building and inside Beauty Room, we will advice you to hand sanitised before you enter in our Beauty Room. 

  • We will provide a mask and recommend a client to wear a mask, hair net and shoe covers or take their shoes off during the treatment.

  • The beauty room has been reduced to a maximum of two people (Beauty Therapist and a Client only).

  • Limited chat or no chat at all during the treatment to minimised airbone drop in the air

  • Payment, Tap and Pay instead of cash or bank transfer.

  • Ensure bathroom/ toilet are well stocked with hand wash & paper towel.

  • put up poster with instructions on hand washing.

  • Put up signs to encourage clients to only touch objects they are going to buy.

  • Instruct Beauty Therapist and Clients on not touching their faces, sneezing and coughing into their elbow & staying home if sick.

  • Encourage 



All bookings that are to continue during this time will receive a confirmation message via email and/or text message 24hrs before to confirm the Beauty Therapist is healthy and well fit for the job. We also expect your reply to confirm yourself  is healthy and safe the day before appointment.


COVID-19 Self Declaration

We have the COVIDSafe app installed by the Australian Government to help keep the community safe from coronavirus (COVID-19). Together, let’s help stop the spread and keep ourselves and each other safe & healthy

  1. Do you have the following symptom(s) in the past few days, Fever (37.5 deg C or higher), Cough, Body aches, Sore throat, Trouble breathing or significant flue like symptoms?

  2. Have you been in contact with a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patient in the past 14 days?

  3. Have you been out of Western Australia in the past 14 days?

  4. Do you have anyone living in or visiting your home that has travelled from outside WA in the last 14 days?

Small business needs your business

Small businesses across Western Australia are the lifeblood of our communities, and right now they need your business to keep them going during this difficult time.

For more information visit the How you can support small business.

Social distancing

Social distancing is integral to help limit the risk of COVID-19 coronavirus spreading throughout the community.

Social distancing includes:



For more information visit Australian Government advice for social distancing.

First released statement (20 March 2020):

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