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Please read this policies carefully and it will be sent each time before your appointment date.

The New Policies regarding Covid-19 is temporary, it is made by any circumstances and it will be change anytime if required following by the Government guidelines.


  • If you are feeling UNWELL, please DO NOT come and let us know ASAP to reschedule your appointment.

  • No guests may accompany you to your appointment (unless a parent or a guardian). For this matter please ask your Beauty Therapist to organise it with you.

  • Disposable Mask for certain treatments and Shoe covers are required before entering the Beauty Room, and this will be provided by Javanese Beauty.

  • If you are early please message me before entering to make sure our previous client is gone and sanitation is complete, and wait in your car or outside the beauty room in a waiting room. 

  • Hand Sanitiser will be offered to you as you enter the Beauty Room.

  • For Frontline workers, Nurse, Carer, Retailer, Hospitality workers & other who wear Uniforms to work, please come WITHOUT YOUR UNIFORMS & WORKING SHOES!

  • You will have your temperature taken before you enter the Beauty Room on your forehead. If your temperature is 37.5 deg or higher, Javanese Beauty have the right to CANCEL on the day of your appointment and will RESCHEDULE your appointment for at least another 14 days.

  • Limit what you bring inside your appointment, to reduce contamination.

  • MINIMISE TALKING in treatments.

  • PAYMENTS; Cash/ Pay Pass / Credit Card / Online Bank transfer. 

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