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Relaxing Facial Lifting Massage
60 min $80 


Facial Massage is the most natural way to lift, tone, and sculpt the muscle tissues of your face, neck and decolatages.


Enzyme Peel Facial
60 min $100


A replenishing boost for sensitive, stressed skin.

This facial utilises products with soothing, rejuvenating properties to help calm, hydrate and heal more sensitive or sun damaged skin.


Soothing Eye Massage 
30 min $65


Focussing and massaging the eye area including forehead, temple, and head, can also help relax the muscles around your eyes. This gentle massage around the eye area can reduce eyestrain, wrinkles and promote better blood circulation, which can be beneficial for your overall eye health. 


~ Home Care Advice ~
  • Clean your face everyday morning and night using the right cleanser for your skin type.

  • Put moisturiser everyday after the face being cleanse, morning and night.

  • Put eye cream on everyday morning and night.

  • Have a Facial minimum once a month to rejuvenate the skin.

Please read the Terms & Conditions

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